Thursday, November 18, 2010

Martian Race XCO

I am coming with the report after almost 2 weeks, but organizing the Cluj Winter Race and the school is keeping me very busy.

On a lovely day of November, 6th to be more precise, with more than 17-18C we went to Hoia to race a bit. Was more like a friendly race, promoting the races for amateur bikers. First started the girls and after they've finished, the guys, including me and my team mates went to race a bit.

Was a nice atmosphere, and the result isn't that important even if I won. The rest of the podium at the Elite cat. was occupied by 2 of my team mates: Eli and Nicu.

Now I am preparing for Cluj Winter Race, the 5th edition of the first Romanian winter race. I hope that everything will end up perfectly.

Until then, take care and see you at C.W.R. on the 4th of December !

For all the support I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport who made this trip possible, but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

You can see more photos HERE


PS: a short movie made by Eli:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emmedue Cup UCI C3 Marathon

I'll be straight and I won't talk too much. I had a bad luck again... another flat tire. The hole was way to big again for the sealant. I've cut the tire and a flat in two consecutive races. I didn't had a flat since August 2009 and now ...

I had a good progressive start and I was feeling really good. After 15km the bad luck hit again. I've put a tube really calm and I've started all over. I was afraid not to have another flat, but I've pushed hard to catch some of the riders in front of me. I think I've pushed too hard and my fuel tank got empty... Loosing almost 10 minutes solving the flat, loosing myself with another 2 riders on the race course made me to loose another 10-15 minutes, plus the time that I've lost after I've finished my batteries, made me to finish on the 13th place...

Also the course didn't fit me, as was way too flat, with a lot of road, but this shouldn't be an excuse. Hope that I've finished my dose of bad luck for this and the next season, because it's really getting me pissed off.

Anyway, regarding the organization of the race I think that could be better, because I had a lot of places thinking if I took it on the right road, I already told ya that I've lost myself... but, I am glad that I didn't had any other incidents.

For all the support I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport who made this trip possible, but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maros Bike Marathon 2010

The race was over for me earlier than I've expected.
After having a good progressive start and I was feeling better and better on a high speed, gnarly descend, after a jump over a ditch, I've landed in a big piece of glass.
The cut was big enough to make me to quit the race as it was to big for the sealant (around 6-8mm)
For me is very frustrating, but unfortunately seems like it wasn't my lucky day.
And for this I wanna apologize, because a lot of people trusted in me, even I was very confident that I can make a really nice race...
Maybe next year...
Hope that you will be around me even if this DNF next to this race

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stubalpen Marathon - Austria

Now you will understand me that I comming back so late with my race report, I had yesterday (Friday) an exam and I tried to learn and I had also some luck.

Anyway, going to Eurobike we thought that we should race when we come back, even if are pretty tired, because I don't have everyday the occasion and the chance to race in Austria.

So after Eurobike, we went near Graz, to Maria Lankovitz (the name of the city or village). After eating in the middle of the highway due to a blocage we arrived there and registered (the guys from the registration office were a bit amazed that we really arrived there :-)) )

After that we've mounted our tent, I've prepared dinner (of course, pasta) and we tried to sleep.

Next morning at 9:30 was the start, a damn fast one. The most important riders and were at the medium distance, where we were racing too. Even if it was a small race, it didn't matter, we tried to do our best. First climb was really hard and I tried to keep in front but was pretty hard as I was still felling my legs tired, After the first feeding point a short, fast and dangerous descend was in front of me. I've reached there around 6 riders, but I didn't knew what was expecting me a really long a hard climb on a road. After the first km I was reached by 4 riders and I tried to keep really close to them. I've managed and I walso let them in front of me on the following downhill as it was really dangerous, rocky and really wet. When I had my chance I've passed some of them and pushed as hard as possible.

We had also a short push-bike zone and after that the last descend. Near the golf field I knew the course and I've push it to the limit so the 35km were finished after 1h46minutes, on the 12th place. Eli finished on 14th place, so congrats to him, to the organizers and the rest of riders as the race was better managed than any other Romanian Marathon.

Another thing that you can't see here are the crowds that are cheering you, no matter who you are, but that's Austria and we are here in Romania. Hopefully things will change and we will grow up.

I was happy with my run, considering all the fatigue from the Eurobike.

Now I am preparing for the Maros MTB Marathon, my home marathon, my major goal is to get a better time than the last year. But 'till then we still have 2 weeks so I try to prepare wisely.

Thanks again to to Maros Sport for all the support but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Kool Stop, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

Monday, August 23, 2010

After Banat Marathon

Ok, you can blame me this time for writing so late, but, it's better later than never, right?
It's a bag thing to share my feelings with you after a race, but so late, because I might forget some things. Hopefully next time, I'll have time right after the race.

For me this was the first participation at the Banat Marathon and because the course was modified I've decided to stick at the medium distance (62km). I went there with Eli and Boldi, with Eli's car. For me at least, considering all the things in my life in the past weeks, was the right decision. I wasn't thinking that I'll race for 4h on 62km, but was fun.

At least I've enjoyed a lot the descends, I tried to mentain my power up to the end but because the long distance between the first and second feed zone, I got my bottle without any liquids and that caused me a really big deshidratation... and a lot of power loss. And I wasn't the only one with this issue.

On the first descend I also had a crash, trying not to hit the rider in front of me and my shoulder was a bit affected to, but I was thinking only to keep a high pace and to do my race. I was happy that the bike didn't had any problems so I could concentrate on the race

I was on the leading group, than I was leading the race for about 50km, but then, because of the deshidratation I could keep the speed and I was caught and I've finished 3rd. Congrats too everyone, and I hope that next year the organisers will listen the riders when they try to explain them something, that might improuve the quality of the race ! I can say that was a good preparation race, as I wanna get in a good shape for Maros Bike Marathon. I also had a recovery week at the seaside, and now I am preparing (a lot of training with my team mate Eli) and I hope that I will be healty and to have the support of loved ones as they are keeping me on this path.

For all the support I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

More photos HERE


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trofeul Tampa - Romanian GP

I am coming back with a short story from the last race that was included in the Romanian XC Gran Prix.

We went there Saturday morning for Poiana Brasov but as our roads are agglomerated we arrived there at 2PM. We had a little snack and we got on the bikes to see the race course. Then I had the first surprise: there where a lot of people having a barbecue... I know that it was Saturday, but it was looking like a barbecue world cup not like a Romanian Gran Prix Race ! For God sake, in this way we can't be healthy and with good sports results !

Being sick to stay there in that smoke, I've decided to see the race course, but again I had a surprise. It was the course where the National CX Champs took place last year, really light modified.... "not to have our life in danger" but wtf it was like a road race with 5 small ditches a few roots and a few small rocks. I think that if you really wanna make a good course you must be really dedicated, not to get only the registration money and not to offer a glass of water ! Anyway...

Got back at our place, changed our clothes and had for a small walk in Poiana Brasov then we had the dinner.

Sunday morning we got up, but knowing that is gonna be a road race in the woods I wasn't in the mood.
I had a good warm up, and also a good start, but after that more roadies past me. For me my objective was to finish the race to get in the top 5 in Romanian Gran Prix, which I've succeded
I tried to keep a constant time on each lap, but in the last one I was pretty tired so I wasn't able to keep it all the way.

After the hard days in my family's life now I am trying to get back on the path to keep training and progress because this is the only way to get better.

This week end my and Eli will race at Banat MTB Marathon and I hope to enjoy the race.
For all the support I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.
Also I would like to say a big thank you to Simona and everyone that encouraged me during the whole week end not only in the race.

More photos HERE


Sunday, July 25, 2010

National Champs

I am coming back with the story , it's true, a week after the race.

What can I say? We were used to the race course from the last 2 years, but this year due to some problems in my family it was a bit more difficult for me to stay focused on the race. We got there Friday evening so Saturday we had a lot of time to see the course. It wasn't like that because after a short time we saw that almost nothing was modified, so we got back to our rooms and got a good nap.

Before we noticed it was Sunday and was time to race. It was getting really hot as it was sunny and no clouds on the sky, only the morning fog. I was very nervous and I tried to get warmed up until the start but I couldn't get the shape I want it.

So I had a pretty slow start, but I told my self that I have to run for 7 laps so I have enough time to go faster.

It was so hot outside that I thought that was hell on Earth. At the end of the race some clouds appeared on the sky but was a bit too late.

I got 5th at Men Elite, one place behind one of my team mates, Eli and 8th at general. I also got 35 UCI points so I am pleased. It's true that I could have done more, but due to all the things that happened lately I must say that it's ok.

Now I'll wait the last race for the Romanian Gran Prix and I hope to get in top 5.

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

More photos HERE

See ya soon

Friday, June 25, 2010

Conti Sport Contact - my new road tire

After training 2 years with my Conti CityRide on the roads, sometimes even offroad, I thought that now is the proper time to change them. So I said: let's give a try to Conti SportContact. Like the CityRide, the SportContact has puncture protection, and it turns any bike into a racer.

I have the 26" version witch is suitable also for bike messengers, but there is a 700C line for any fitness bike to be transformed into a speed frenzy. The tire has an extremely fine and stronc carcasss plies, Safety System puncture protection and some of them also have reflector strips.

After the first rides with the new model I must say that I am really happy with it and makes me a real pleasure to train on the road or travel on the bike when I have to go downtown.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Balaton MTB Festival

Back again,

So this is the first time when I post twice in the same day... because my lack of free time.

After a few plans my, me team mates Eli and Oli, Luci and Susu from Mures and Dan from Buzau, decided to race at Balaton MTB Festival, a UCI Class 2 Race.

We got in the cars and went from Hungary. Everything was great, but was too hot, so I said: damn, what will do there?? We arrived there, again at the camping as we are use to it, is nice and cheap (we thought that is cheaper, but not at Balaton :-)) ). We registred first for the OX race, but after that we had a surprise. They changed the race course due to the rain in the last week so now we had a course 100% in the sun, without any technical descends (crap). In the next morning at 8AM I've checked with Eli the race course... really dissapointed. A UCI course 3 km long? And we had to run 10 laps. They had problems with the timing chips so they delayed the start with 10 minutes, and another 20 + 10 so we ended up starting 1 1/2 hour later, at ... 38C.

I had an awful start, and a lot of riders passed me, but after the second lap I started to feel my legs stronger and had a better ride. I've finised 25th, -1lap on the winner, so it's better that I've supposed.

I must let you know that I am really dissapoited to see that such a festival, if you can call it like this, with so many volunteers, such a big registration fee (at least for our pockets in such an economical crisis) have so many lacks in the organisation of the races.

If something like that would happen in Romania, everyone, every single person would trash the organisers, but if this is happening in Hungary, can happen to everyone. In my opinion is outrageus.

Hope that next year they will do their homeworks better !

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

Some more photos can be found HERE


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Concordia Cup

Hi again folks,

I am sorry that I didn't had time to write about my every race but I still have two exams and I had to push hard to keep my scholarship.

On the 6th of June I've race near Lugoj, at the Concordia Cup. This was the 14th edition of the race. I always have fun there because there are a lot of nice guys and I really appreciate what they do for local mountain biking.

I went to Lugoj with my team mates Eli and Oli. We had a great sleep in the tent. I was really missing sleeping in the tent as it's really relaxing. We were lucky and had a nice spot close to the course.

Even if my major opponents were my team mates, there were more talented and fast riders. Lucky me, even with all the mud on the course and the hight temperatures I managed to lead half of the race with my team mate Eli, but I've lost the 1st place after a silly mistake. Due to that I wasn't fresh and fast enough to catch him. In the last lap I felt that my batteries are over so I tried to keep my second place and I've did it.

I had a nice surprise to see that Oli, the other team mate, came third, so it was a podium.
Regarding me I have to admit that I don't feel strong enough, due to some knee problems, but I hope that I'll get stronger. The bike went really nice and I didn't had to much problems with the mud even if I was running a 2.3 Continental Speed King Supersonic tires. On the push bike zones I didn't had what to do, as everyone was pushing, but on the descends everything was supersmooth.

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC, Buff and Project 312.

Some photos from there race can be found HERE

See you soon*,

*soon meaning in a few minutes when I come back with the race report for Balaton MTB Festival.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lornion Trofe UCI C3 - Chocolate mud

This race was counting as the 2nd race for the Romanian Gran Prix. I hopped for a nice race, as I really like the course (the dry version). We got in Mures a day before the race. We had enough time to test the course and the tires. The last half of the course was practicable even if it was still a bit muddy. So I told my self that if it won't rain, I will stay on my Conti Mountain King 2.2 tires. I was thinking even at Race King 2.2 on rear.

But I wasn't lucky this time either. It was poring rain the night before the race so I couldn't escape what I was afraid of. I've put the Conti Cross Country 1.5 tires on and I've praid to stay on the bike as much as possible. We had 4 laps to do. To many considering that almost all the race you had to run or to get off the mud.

First half of the race was pretty ok. I was feeling pretty well even when I was running. After that I had some crashes and I've found out that muddy gloves and gripshifters is not a really good combination. So half of the race I was single speed (maybe a good choice if you don't have all the cogs, derraileurs, shifters and rings). The last lap was awful for me. I had some derraileur problems and I was the last one that wasn't catched by the leader.

I am really dissapointed by the way I've raced and I now I am focusing on the things that must be improved no matter what. My team mates Eli and Tudor didn't had the best race of their life either but Oli managed to had the best run and to finish 2nd. Congratulations for that. I am really proud! Also our yougest team member, Sergiu Paraschiv won at Junior Hobby Race. I've finished 10th in general ranking, but as I told you, I am not happy at all.

Now I'll have 3 weeks for training and resting and I hope to be enough to get a better shape for the upcomming events.

I also would like to say a big thank you to Titi for the accomodation, to Levy for the photos, to Mury for help at the feed zone, to everyone who ecouraged me even if I was riding like a pickled cucumber.

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

See you soon,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Budapest again

Sorry I am coming back so late with the race report, but I was so busy. I got back from Budapest where it was the Buda Marthon, as far as I remember the 8th edition.

As I am still tired and still not trained as well as I want it, I've went for the short distance, as it was better preparing for the 2nd UCI race in Romania: Lornion Trofe - UCI C3.

I am happy that I start to feel my legs better and stronger. I had a good start and I felt pretty well on the climbing parts.

On the descends I didn't push very hard because last time here I had a flat tire and now with the Joe's No Flats Sealant I was more secure, but I've preferred to keep myself for this week end.
I've finished 7th, at general at the short distance, my team mate Oli 8th and Eli 10th on the long distance. Congrats to them !

As it was the 1st of May, after the race me and the rest of the boys had a non-alcoholic beer.

I'm glad that we were a lot of Romanians at this race, from my team Maros Racing, from Targu Mures and Dinamo from Bucharest.

Was also the first race with my brand new wheels: Novatec rear hub, Project 321 Lefty hub, Sapim CX Ray spokes, ZTR Olympic rims and Joe's No Flats Tubeless Kit. HERE are some photos and real weight (w/o the qr).

I hope that I'll feel even better for this week end race and I hope that the rain will stop as the Mures course has such a 'lovely, chocolate' mud.

I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport for making this trip possible but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

Here you have a movie made by Eli, my team mate:

Some photos from Budapes cand be found HERE and more photos from Maros XCO UCI race HERE.


Monday, April 26, 2010

2 in 1

... meaning 2 races in 1 post.

I am coming back, posting on my blog, after a short break. I was so busy and tired that I didn't found the necessary time and mood to inform you about my latest... let's say: actions.

Due to some medical and family issues I've training only about 60-65% as planned and I am still feeling week, but I try to catch up and be strong in the races that will come, but I wanna see the positive part and stay optimistic and that's the only way to be successful.

Now, let's talk about the races.

On 18th of April me and my team mates went in Hungary, well to the Slovak border to race at Balassagyarmat in the Hungarian Cup a UCI C2 Race. As we didn't had a car, I took my dad's car. Like the Flintstones we managed to get there somehow even if in the last 50 km was really difficult as the road was very twisty and there were a lot of animals. The course was in Slovakia, and for me was fun to pass the border several times on the bike that days.

The course was really difficult. Even if I like more the descends there were hard and gnarly but suited well for my Cannondale Scalpel. After driving from Romania to Hungary, I was tired, as I am not used to drive so much and I didn't catch up with the sleep, this being a major factor.

The races also started really late, as they had a lot of categories. I had a bad start and I've planned to do my race to finish it. The temperatures were pretty high so I was drinking a lot of water. Almost half lap I was without any liquid and that caused me some cramps, loosing some time in last lap. I've finished 24th (52 general ranking)at Men Elite, Tudor on 22 and Eli on 17th. Oli had a flat in 1st lap and he quit the race.

I was not pleased with the result, but with all the factors involved in my training program I must admit that was fine.

I was so tired after this race but I had to drive back home. From Oradea I let Tudor to take us home as I was exhausted.

After the race in Hungary we had to prepare for the FIRST UCI Race in my hometown, Cluj Napoca. Race sponsored and organized by Maros Sport. Eli, my team mate did almost everything. He did and extraterestrial effort to make it big. And he did it ! I also wanna apologize to him that I didn't had the time to help him more than I did. Was nice that we had an article on and on

We also had tunned team car and new equipment :D

I was very excited as it was the first important race after a long time. I had a lot of friends on the course cheering me up, including my girl friend. Obviously ALWAYS of people who only think that they know everything. And I'm not the only one who noticed these things.

Anyway, I had a great feeling to hear a lot of people cheering me up, I even got a new nick name: Vladone :-))

First 3 laps went really nice, I was feeling really well and really strong, but in the 4th lap I started to had a stocmach ache and I couldn't push it anymore. I've finished 14th overall and as far as I know 11th at Men Elite. My team mate Eli was 11th, so close to the UCI points, Tudor was 13th and Oli didn't finish due to some problems. I had an advantage running home that I could set up the bike well.

I hope that on the next races I'll do better and improuve my performances because right now the only one to blame for the results it's me. I have probably the best bike in the world, which didn't caused me any troubles running really really well. I would really like that all the races to be like this one.

Once again congratulations to the riders, to Eli and Tudor Maros for making this possible, to my girlfriend who came tu support me, to all the specators who cheered me up, to Mr. Zsigo for helping us at the feed zone and to all my sponsors: Maros Sport, Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.

Next race will be at Budapest, on the 1st of May.

See ya soon.

PS. I will update the photo gallery soon and let you know

Later edit:

Untill you will see more photos with the new equipment I will post a photo with it to see how it looks. Hope you like it, even if it still needs to be 'tunned' a bit

other links:

(soon I'll update my picasa gallery, when I'll have more photos)

a short movie from

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sapim 2010 catalog

Recently the 2010 Sapim brochure was finished. I am happy to see that I'm in next to Markus Klausmann, Florian Bondenschatz and Kenny Belaey. So I am really really proud.

Thank you guys for that.

As I did in the last 2 years, I'll continue using the Sapim spokes and nipples, as there are realllllly realllllly strong, light and durable. If you wanna built awesome wheels, Sapim is the spoke to have !

If you wanna download the whole catalog, you have to click HERE.

See ya on the trails.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Interview on

Got an interview from the guys of

It's in Romanian, but you can check it here

See you soon, hope that this cold weather will go away, because it seems that I got a cold.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Early spring .. for a few days

The last days were pretty sunny and warm and after school I've managed to get a few hours every day off road. I needed something to cheer me up and to motivate me. So the last hours of training were on the muddy trails (yeah, I'mmmm happppyyy).

It was also launched the Romanian Weight Weenies web site: so please pay a visit, register on the forum or check the parts-on-scale gallery. Be sure that the gallery and the web site is updated every day, so you'll see something new almost every time you enter the web site.

I also had the chance to go with my team mate Eli on the Maros XCO Course and take some photos. The photos must convince you to come and race at the first UCI race in Romania after 6 years, race organized by our main sponsor Maros Bike. Also the Maros Marathon in September will be a UCI race, so you must come to that one too. The photo gallery can be found here, all the photos were taken by Eli and his photos, which are not appearing were taken by me. Nice team huh?

The next days should be cold again and another snow falls will come. Hopefully short ones and I hope that they will last no more than a few days. So I will continue my training as I did in winter.

I'll come back with more news soon guys. 'till then wish you the best.


Friday, February 12, 2010

UCI races in Cluj

If you've searched lately on my blog or on the UCI calendar, you have seen that this year will be more UCI races. I am happy that in my town, Cluj, we'll have two of them: a XCO Race and a Marathon, both organized with the Maros Sport Club (and team of course).

So the first race will be the XCO, on the 25th of April, which will be the first stage in the Romanian Grand Prix and an UCI class 2 race.

The course from the Maros XCO Cup will have around 6km. Some section are well known from the XC races from the past (Napoca Cup 2002, 2003 and 2004) but most of the course is new, beeing a more difficult and technical course.

And after that in autumn we will have another event the MAROS MTB MARATHON, being at the third edition, this year also as a UCI Class 3 Race and in the Romanian XCM Grand Prix.

So as a Club and a Team we can be proud that we take part in organizing two major races in Romania, for all kind of riders. I will come back with articles on this theme and I will update you when I'll have the information such as: photos from the courses, videos, etc.

Take care and see you soon,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

UCI races in Romania for 2010

I've found out lately, I admit, with the smile on my face that this year we'll have seven, yes 7, UCI Races in Romania. We didn't had so many UCI races in all our previous history. So this is a good thing. These races and some other (if I know well) will matter for the Romanian Grand Prix, something like the World Cup Series. So we will have our own smaller World Cup.

So I am looking forward for these races and I hope that everything will go well. Bellow you have the races dates:

Monday, February 1, 2010

SRAM announce new XG999 cassette

XX technology coming to 9-speed drivetrains

SRAM has brought the XX group's innovative X-Dome cassette down to the 9-speed level with the introduction of a new XG999 cassette, set for release in mid-March.

Like the XX cassette, all but the innermost and outermost cogs on the XG999 model will be milled into a lightweight, do

me-like shape from a single chunk of chromoly steel with additional ports machined in between the cogs to allow mud and debris to pass through. Sealing the large end of the 'dome' is a replaceable press-fit aluminum cog while the smallest cog will be a steel bit as usual.

Not surprisingly, the XG999 cassette will be very light with a claimed weight of just 175g for an 11-32T size – cleaving a full 100g from SRAM's own PG-990 cassette and about 50g from a comparable Shimano XTR unit while also promising better durability, too, on account of the harder steel cog material.

Prospective buyers should note that SRAM initially won't offer the XG999 in the more versatile 11-34T size and pricing is set at a spendy US$300 – nearly three times higher than the PG-990.

Perhaps more interesting than the new cassette announcement is what this likely means for SRAM's road groups, in particular the current Red flagship. Red's PowerDome cassette – the forebear of X-Dome – was a radical departure from conventional cassette construction but also criticized for its greater-than-average noise levels and susceptibility to clogging with mud in 'cross applications.

With the introduction of this new XG999, it's now practically a foregone conclusion that we'll see similar changes to the PowerDome cassette and even SRAM's own road US road PR and media manager Michael Zellman tacitly acknowledges as such.

"Our best technologies consistently find their way across our product platforms," he said. "This includes road to MTB, and vice-versa."

Article found on

Take care guys,