Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First race of 2008 - Duke im Park, Vienna

Hello everyone,

Due to some problems of hibernation on the Romanian race organizers market me and the rest of my team decided to start the season earlier than usual (but even late regarding other riders) and go to Vienna for our first race of the season. I can't talk in the name of my team so I'll talk for myself. My major goal for this race was to get a good final position but also to get in shape for the next races.

Since I've known we are going to
Austria, country with a lot of good riders, I was thinking that will be very very hard. That didn't count it because I was very motivated. When me and my team first saw the park were the race will take park we said: "That's impossible, they can't make a race here...". Of course we were wrong. Saturday we got there again and we were stunned. The organizers made an awesome job, making a super technical course. I really like it from the first ride. Even if I was a bit scared to see a lot of good riders, like: Michi Weiss, Gerald Hauer, Thomas Widhalm, Michael Stieglbauer and others that right now I can't remember.

The first start was for the Softeg category and after that was the start for the category that me and my team raced: HERO (All licensed riders). We had to compete for 66min+1 lap. The start was so fast. Very hard I've managed to get in front. Some riders, get a good start, but after that they were so slow and the didn't let me pass them, so this slowed me too.... However I've managed to pass them, but also a few riders passed me too. On two corners I've hit a tree with my shoulder. My motivation kept me in front of my team mates for the whole race. I've pushed the pedals so hard like for the final sprint. The complete results are here

1. Weiss Michi (AUT1981) - ktm-mountainbiker.at
2. Hauer Gerald (AUT1971) - SU MTB Team Cycle Circle

3. Stlieglbauer Michael (GER1981) - 2RadChaoten

23. Sabau Vlad (ROU1987) - Maros Cannondale


25. Radu Tudor (ROU1984) - Maros Sport
26. Miron Elisei (ROU1982) - Maros Sport
42. Olar Mihai (ROU1982) - Maros Sport

The final position isn't that great in the end, but I am happy for my progression from the 2007 season.

I would like to say a bike thank you for my manager and sponsor Tudor Maros from Maros Sport for all his help, but I would also like to say a big thank you to my coach Gabee Imling, for putting me in good shape for this race, and I bet also that he will bring me up to podium for the next races I would like to also to praise my Cannondale Taurine , the light weight and the geometry was like an extra gear for me. I had a good grip with my Continental Speed King tires. The power was better engaged with my Xpedo MF4Titanium pedals, Sidi Shoes and the light but also strong wheels with Sapim CX Ray Spokes pushed me in forward. Everything was fine tuned with Selle Italia SLR Titanium saddle and Syntace P6 seat post and Duraflite bar. The Kool Stop pads offered me really good braking power and modulation, Met helmets the head protection, Sponser the race fuel and VDO managed to keep me informed after the race with my hear rate, speed and distance dates.

At the end I would like to congratulate the organizers for such a nice race, for all the photographers (Erwin Haiden, Thomas Mika, Lars Eberhart, Sportograf.de and if I've forgot anyone, please mail me and I will complete the list). Here I have only a few amount of photos. More you will find at this link and as soon as I'll get more photos I will upload them (be sure of that). A short movie filmed with a helmet camera you can find here

Photos from the organizers, where you can find me too in 2 photos, you'll see if you click here

Thank you once again and I'll keep you up to date.

'till then ride hard

In this photo is Eli (in front), Tudor(in right) and Michi Weiss (behind)

Here is the team (from left): Elisei Miron, Vlad Sabau (me), Tudor Maros, Tudor Radu, Mihai Olar

PS: I'll update this article and the picasa gallery with new photos so stay tuned.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trails near home and next week end race

In this post I just want it to show some photos from a recent training session on the trails near my home. The trails are located at aprox. 2 km from the place I live. The trails are about 50 km long ... because there are a lot pf paths and a lot of option from were you can choose. The levels of difficulty are from easy to medium and a not hard ... but hardcore... you can choose from difficult technical portions to hard climbs, roots, moving rocks, small drops... hard pack and loose terrain. Soon some volunteers will come with us and help ups clean the paths that we didn't ride this year and need to be cleaned, because we want that all the usual trails to be available for everyone that want to ride the bike. You will see some photos from this trails and i hope you will like them too, because there are part of my life... I grow up with them, improved my skills...

" Auf die Pl├Ątze, fertig....LOS!!!"

Next week end on 22th of March I'll go with my team in Vienna (Austria) for the first race of the year. I am really confident and I know that I can get a good result even if there are 80 racers on the starting list at the Elite Category, including a World Cup racer Michael Weiss. If you wanna see the web site of the race and also want to come just click here