Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sapim 2010 catalog

Recently the 2010 Sapim brochure was finished. I am happy to see that I'm in next to Markus Klausmann, Florian Bondenschatz and Kenny Belaey. So I am really really proud.

Thank you guys for that.

As I did in the last 2 years, I'll continue using the Sapim spokes and nipples, as there are realllllly realllllly strong, light and durable. If you wanna built awesome wheels, Sapim is the spoke to have !

If you wanna download the whole catalog, you have to click HERE.

See ya on the trails.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Interview on

Got an interview from the guys of

It's in Romanian, but you can check it here

See you soon, hope that this cold weather will go away, because it seems that I got a cold.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Early spring .. for a few days

The last days were pretty sunny and warm and after school I've managed to get a few hours every day off road. I needed something to cheer me up and to motivate me. So the last hours of training were on the muddy trails (yeah, I'mmmm happppyyy).

It was also launched the Romanian Weight Weenies web site: so please pay a visit, register on the forum or check the parts-on-scale gallery. Be sure that the gallery and the web site is updated every day, so you'll see something new almost every time you enter the web site.

I also had the chance to go with my team mate Eli on the Maros XCO Course and take some photos. The photos must convince you to come and race at the first UCI race in Romania after 6 years, race organized by our main sponsor Maros Bike. Also the Maros Marathon in September will be a UCI race, so you must come to that one too. The photo gallery can be found here, all the photos were taken by Eli and his photos, which are not appearing were taken by me. Nice team huh?

The next days should be cold again and another snow falls will come. Hopefully short ones and I hope that they will last no more than a few days. So I will continue my training as I did in winter.

I'll come back with more news soon guys. 'till then wish you the best.