Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emmedue Cup UCI C3 Marathon

I'll be straight and I won't talk too much. I had a bad luck again... another flat tire. The hole was way to big again for the sealant. I've cut the tire and a flat in two consecutive races. I didn't had a flat since August 2009 and now ...

I had a good progressive start and I was feeling really good. After 15km the bad luck hit again. I've put a tube really calm and I've started all over. I was afraid not to have another flat, but I've pushed hard to catch some of the riders in front of me. I think I've pushed too hard and my fuel tank got empty... Loosing almost 10 minutes solving the flat, loosing myself with another 2 riders on the race course made me to loose another 10-15 minutes, plus the time that I've lost after I've finished my batteries, made me to finish on the 13th place...

Also the course didn't fit me, as was way too flat, with a lot of road, but this shouldn't be an excuse. Hope that I've finished my dose of bad luck for this and the next season, because it's really getting me pissed off.

Anyway, regarding the organization of the race I think that could be better, because I had a lot of places thinking if I took it on the right road, I already told ya that I've lost myself... but, I am glad that I didn't had any other incidents.

For all the support I would like to say a thank you to Maros Sport who made this trip possible, but also to the other sponsors and partners: Cannondale, Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear, Sapim, Thule, Grip Grab, Novatec, VDO, Zakudo, KMC and Buff.