Thursday, October 4, 2007

2008 New Race Support

I don't know how to start this new blog. I know that I wasn't active here in the last time, but I was so very busy with training, races, going at Eurobike and finding new sponsors. This year was better than 2006. Got several podiums in National Races, some good results in Hungary and Germany. After that I've visited the Eurobike show, which helped me to go and talk with new people, see the 2008 technologies, test the new bikes, meet riders and cycling legends and also find some new sponsors.
And that's why I wanna thanks the guys from Cannondale for the help to get for the 2008 a new bike. I was very nice to test the new bikes, to feel how are they running and so on. And I can tell you that Cannondale Bikes are so very fast on every condition. That's why the Cannondale Team is having so good results ! You may not trust me, that's why you have to get your own Cannondale bike.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Selle Italia fo
r accepting my sponsorship request for 2008 and for giving me so comfortable and so light saddles appreciated all over the world in the road or mountanbiking riding. The strength is guaranteed by the strictest testing. I could say that Selle Italia is making the dream saddles of any athlete. So don't wait anymore, get your own Selle Italia saddle TODAY !

The bike and heart speed is very important, and VDO understand this fact. That's why I got their support also. Their computers help any rider to get precious information in training or racing. They are the best in their job, creating in 1992 World First wireless cycle computer VDO "aero 8" and even now is the 'best buy' speedometer brand in Germany and almost all over the world. The spokes are a big factor in the weight, the strength and the stiffness of the wheel. And that's why the never play with safety! Since 1918, Sapim has established its good reputation in the manufacture of spokes and nipples made in Belgium. No need to say that this co-makershipwith racing teams, suppliers and wheel-professionals guarantees Sapim customers the highest product quality level! A good brake is vital for winning good seconds in a race, but is no working without the brake pads. That's why everyone prefers Kool-Stop brake pads. Kool-Stop Disc replacements feature high performance stopping power with their custom Rotor Friendly compound. These pads provide consistent stopping and even pad wear.

More than just protection, a MET helmet is a statement of distinction and class. MET helmets are not only unique for their exclusive style, they are also technologically advanced as well. With innovations introduced every year by the MET engineers, they continue to maintain the quality of the materials and the work done on every model during the manufacturing process. The MET name in itself guarantees excellent protection, confidence, comfort, and elegance. MET invites every bicyclist to truly enjoy their ride.

Syntace produces the highest performance road, multisport and mountain bike handlebars, stems and accessories available. The handlebars are where the raw force inputs have the most effect on your riding. VR-3 testing machine most closely simulates these loads, to help Syntace give you the most secure ride possible. Also Syntace components are tested for corrosion resistance in a high-salt environment. So when you buy Syntace, you can count on it on every single situation !

If you need speed, you must get the grip. The Continental bike tires, are so light, so fast and offering a secure grip on any condition. Guaranteed from 1871 and now with the new technologies and the new race compounds such as the black chili are a secret weapon on every trail or race court. Continental offers you a lot of tires with a lot of dimensions, for every terrain, from hard pack to muddy soil.

When you race or simply ride on the trails you have to be attached to your bike. The weight is also important, then you must choose Xpedo pedals. The mission of Xpedo is to develop the finest high performance pedals in the world. The first thing you'll notice about the Xpedo line up are the complex castings and intricate machining on these precision components. Wellgo is a master of casting magnesium and for the Xpedo line we've pushed the envelope on the minimalist structures that hold up the day-to-day punishment of cross-country racing and free-ride epics.

Now I am still working with other brands for 2008 sponsorships so stay tuned for next updates.

Soon I hope my personal web page to be updated so you may come to visit it :)

See ya soon.


PS: the photos are made at eurobike show 2007 and the logos are property of the respective brands .