Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cluj Winter Race - 3rd edition

On the 6th of December, me and the guys from Maros Sport Club will organize the 3rd edition of the Cluj Winter Fun Race. We wanna gather together for the last time every year the riders, for a winter race, to promote the cyclist movement even if it's cold outside, to have fun.

I hope that the local authorities will approve our request and will let us to make the race in a park, much more visible than the last years.

If you wanna see some photos from the 2007 edition click HERE

The race blog is HERE. I am sorry that the blog is only in Romanian

Also it will be a funny suit prize, the start will be Le Mans type. I hope that at the race will have a lot of riders and a lot of spectators. Until now our only sponsor for the race is MarosSport which is also the Cannondale official dealer for Romania. Also there will be an add on the Mbike Magazine. Hopefully more publications, televisions, radios and web sites will promote this race, the only in it's kind in Romania (in the future I expect that other winter races to be organized).

I'll keep you informed.

Pedal 'till you'll freeze out :-)

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More than feelings on Cannondale Tube

A few time ago I have wrote a short article on the Cannondale web site :D and I am pretty happy to see that they have posted it.

If you would like to see it, please click

See you at the Cluj Winter Race.


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