Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Szilvesvarad Marathon - Hungary

After a short race break me and my team want it to go at Szilvesvarad Marathon. We have decided to get there because this was the first stage of the Hungarian Marathon Cup and with another 3 marathon races is the most important from Hungary.

I was very optimistic even if I knew that this will be harder than Buda Marathon.(The last marathon from Hungary that I have participated). My motivation and the last 2 weeks training got me in a great shape (and for this I would like to say a big thank you to my coach Gabee Imling).

The start of the race was at 10am. After the start I got in front of the race, leading with Luci Logigan, and I was feeling really good.

Only that the major problem of this race was that it was a lot of road. I let other to go in front to see
the course, hoping to get in front in the last kilometers. The leading group extended the lead and I didn't knew what to do, because I tried to have a constant pace.

Finally on my last descend I've pushed the pedal after a local rider and I got at 25-30km/h in a mud hole, I jumped over my handle bar. My hip was pretty hard injured and now my shoulder still hurts. I don't know how many seconds I've lost, but finally I've finished 6th.

I can say that I've felt really good at this race and I see that I can push things harder. This was a tough race and I can see that my results are improving . I will continue my training to get the points necessary to get the start at the World Cup from Schladming in Austria.

With this occasion I would like to thanks again to my sponsors: to Maros Sport for making possible the start of this race, to Cannondale for offering me such a great race machine, and for all the rest of my sponsors and partners (you can see them bellow) for their material support.

Thank you so much for making this possible ! ! !

For more photos click HERE. When I'll have more I'll make another upload.

Thanks once again.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New sponsor

After one year break, I've started again the collaboration with 661. And that's because the help of the Romanian dealer: AsSport Florescu.

I'll ride again with the Raji model, a thin, very well ventilated model. A really good glove for XC or Road. You can find the glove at Maros Sport too, who is a 661 distributor.

I also want to say a big thank you to all my sponsors, my whole family for helping and supporting me no matter what. I'll keep you up to date to other news, races or anything important.

Until then keep on pedaling,


PS: Click the banner to see them better :D (Thankx)

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

1st. of May = Bad luck

1St. of May was an unlucky day. At least for me... Me and my team (Maros Team) went in Hungary at Buda Marathon, because we have to keep in shape for next races. Everything was good. I've decided to run the short distance to prepare myself for the Cross Country races.... so at least for me this race was like one cross country lap without to see the course before. There was no problem because I was feeling strong.

The start was a bit weird, because there were 3 or 4 lines with more than 800 riders, so I've expected a big crowd. I got a fast start and I kept the pace with the best Hungarian riders. As I told you earlier I felt very strong and I was confident that I can get at least the podium. First climbs were tricky because of the gravel, but it wasn't a problem. On the first descend I let a local rider in front of me, to make sure I won't have any surprise corners or something. Everything was going very well. After 1,5km of descend the comedown: a flat on the rear wheel (d**n it). I tried to use my puncture spray to fix it, but it was a snake bite so it didn't have any effect. My hands were shaking. I got off the wheel and replaced the tube. The first cartridge wasn't enough so I had to use my second one also. Now the wheel was good to use again, but I've lost there more than 5 minutes and more than 100 riders passed. So now it started the regainment race. I was a bit stressed but motivated to get in front, even if I had the fear not to get again a puncture, because I didn't have other tube. On that descend I missed a corner so I got in the bushes, but I was passing the riders one by one. The biggest climb of the race was in front of me. Some of the riders were pushing the bikes, I was on the middle ring struggling to pass more and more riders. I've risked a lot on the descends again (I don't think that in other conditions I'd do something like that). On the singletrails was a bit annoying because I couldn't pass some of the riders so I was a bit disappointed by the lack of fair play.

I got at the finish line the 10th at 6'19'' after the winner. I don't know ... I am happy for the way I was riding, and because I felt so good on the bike ... but I am not happy with my final position. But that's the way it is and I can't do anything to fix it.

Be sure that my revenge will come on the next race !

Until than I'll continue the training...

Wish you the best,