Monday, September 21, 2009

Tusnad MTB Race

After a long pause from the last race, I've decided to run a race before the Maros MTB Marathon, to prepare the legs, to get fit, to test myself.

The race was Sunday but we arrived Saturday in Tusnad Bai. Got the room, and after that we went to register. I've dediced to run the short track because I am not fully recovered after the last fractures.
Me and my team mate Tudor had a big suprise when we woke up the next morning: 3C outside. We were kinda amazed... Until the race the temperatures raised up to 12C so it was pretty ok. Was sunny and dry.

The race started really fast and after 5 km I've lost about 1min. Slowly I stared to gain some time and managed to get in the leading group at the distance that I was running. The steep climbs were great with my rings and the technical descend were fast with my Cannondale Scalpel. The thing that I didn't like at the course were the 8km of road... were some of the riders tried to escape but I didn't let them, even if that was a bit painful. Also the marks on the course weren't that obvious all the time, but for the first edition of this race was good.

The bike went awesome and I was feeling really good so with 5 km to finish I've pushed a bit the tempo, got some time in front of my pursuiters and on the descends I've pushed a bit the limit so I've gained some time winning with a few minutes.
I'm glad that I had a good run, I was feeling better than last days and now I am trying to get better for the last big event of the year: Maros MTB Marathon. I'll run the short distance here too, but with the 1600m of elevation won't be so easy. I'll do my best and I am looking forward for a good result.

For going to this race I would like to thanks again to my sponsors. Without them I couldn't be where I am now : Cannondale Bikes, Maros Sport, Ashima, Continental, Syntace, VDO, Sapim, Adidas Eyewear, Xpedo, 661, Buff, Sram, Kool Stop and DT Swiss and my new sponsor Joe's No Flats. Also I must thank to: my parents, Simona, Tudor, Raluca for the photos, and to everyone who supports me.

But the special thanks go to Maros Tudor, the team manager and sponsor that supported our trip !

For more photos from this race, CLICK HERE


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