Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rockin' on nails !

From this season one of my new sponsors is Joe's No Flats.

Joe's No Flats is producing the best tire sealant available right now on the market. But is also producing tubeless products, self sealing tubes, lubricants and cleaners. So with this I've decided to run tubeless, using a tubeless kit for my non tubeless rims.

Now with tubeless tires I feel a bit more safe, I feel faster and I feel that I can control the bike a bit better.

Why Tubeless?
- No more flats- Joe’s sealant will seal your tires and offers total puncture protection.
- Prevents snake bite, pinch flats.
- No need for an innertube

- Reduce the weight of the wheels.
- Decrease rolling resistance.
- Ride faster with less effort.

- Possible to ride with reduced air pressure in the tires.
- Increase traction in technical terrain.
- Increased shock absorption for a smoother ride.

Why Joe's No-Flats?

NO MORE FLATS - Joe's Super Sealant will prevent and seal 99% of all punctures.
Joe's No-Flats products are by far the most affordable, most effective anti-puncture products available.

No-Flats Joe's Super Sealant is nothing like the puncture sealant sold by other manufacturers. It plugs up to 1/4 inch punctures and seals small slits faster and more permanently than any other sealant on the market.

Joe's Super Sealant is scientifically formulated to prevent punctures in tubeless tires and innertubes, as proven by world class racers.

Joe's Tubeless System is the most important upgrade available for a dedicated cyclist.
Nothing is more flat resistant than a Joe's No-Flats converted tubeless tire or an innertube with Joe's No-Flats Super Sealant.

Joe’s Tubeless Rim Strips are specially designed to secure the tire inside the rim, with no loss of air. When ridden with low air pressure in the tire, there will be no loss of air when cornering or riding through technical terrain.

Bellow you have a short movie to prove you the quality of this products. You should try it too. It's quite amazing and you'll like from the first time.

See you at Maros MTB Marathon.


Maros MTB Marathon

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