Friday, September 11, 2009

New Sapim Nipples

Sapim is preparing a new coating treatment for nipples.

Coating is the new way to reduce friction on alloy nipples. The coating is the thread on the nipple. Friction between both spoke and nipple and rim and nipple is significantly reduced.

Coating also seals the surface reducing corrosion.

Now standard Sapim production. Oiled or dry alloy nipples are a thing of the past.

Benefits of coated Sapim nipples:
- Silent, effective truing with no more squeaks.
- Virtually torsion free spokes.
- High tension wheels without problems.
- No overtight nipples on spokes threads.
- No more oily and dirty wheels.
- Just efficient dry working and clean hands.
- No unnecessary cleaning.
- wheels thar are easier to true.

The coating treatment of nipples is not as easy as simple oiling.

Different production methods have to be employed but from 10/2009 all stock will be coated.

Sapim spokes and nipples are produced with the most exact thread-tolerance for durability and the highest level of quality. The Sapim Total Traceability System (STTS) guarantees perfect quality control. All Sapim components are conform to DIN 79.100. Threading DIN 79012.

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