Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Concordia Cup

Hello to all,

I am coming back with a small update from last week end. I've participated at Concordia Cup in Lugoj, to be more specific on the 31st of May.

The race was really nice organized and the guys had nice prizes. The track had 8.4km and the "Elite" had to run 4 laps. Was a really fast track, without technical zones, not a course suitable for me. I've finished 2nd behind Razvan Juganaru, from Dinamo Bucharest, but sprinting with my team mate Oli, which was a good companion during the race, helping each other. He finished 3rd. Tudor, my other team mate, was forced to leave the race after 3 laps, because of some stomach problems.

Overall I am happy with the result, I didn't had any problems with my bike. I runned Conti Mountain King 2.2 tires, beause I was afraid of rain, but even without it, they were really fast. I hadn't many zones to break so my Ashima rotors weren't abused at all. The Scalpel and the Lefty provided me enough travel and stiffnes, but also I felt like all my power was transfered to the wheels. On this kind of track you can affor to lose the power.

You can see more photos HERE. The photos were made by: lugoj-live.ro, Tiru Calin, Pufan Alexandru and Nicu Andreica.

Also would like to say a big thank you again to all my sponsors: Cannondale Bikes, Maros Sport, Ashima, Syntace, Selle Italia, VDO, Sapim, Adidas Eyewear, Xpedo, 661, Buff, Sram, Kool Stop and DT Swiss. Also I must thank to: my parents, Simona, Gabee, Eli, and to everyone that supports me

I hope that soon I'll post a movie from this event, but I can't promise when.

This week end me and my team will race at Ciuc Mountains Marathon. Until then I hope that the weather will change a bit. Here at Cluj is raining since Monday morning and got pretty cold - 12-14 degrees Celcius.

Wish you all the best,

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