Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 National XC Champs

After 4 year the National Champs come back to the place that they belong: at Paltinis, Sibiu. It is situated at 1440 m altitude, being the highest resort in Romania. It was founded by an association – Siebenbuergischer Karpatenverein (S.K.V.) – in 1894 and three villas from that period still exist.

We arrived there Friday evening but we weren't fast eno
ugh to get a ride on the course.

Saturday morning got the first ride on the course and took some photos and in the evening we get back on the course to find some faster lines on the downhill sections.

There was a lot of powdery dust, rocks, roots, everything that a course needs and the X-King tires hold up excellent. I was still fighting with the flu that kept me pretty week.

Sunday, the race day. It started to rain, so I want to keep it safe mounting the Mountain King II tires that were super reliable the week before at Azuga. After one lap the rain stopped and the soil started to dry out. I couldn't find a fast enough pace on the uphills, but I w
as pretty confident on the descends.

I've finished 10th, far from what I've want it. Congratulations to everyone but especially for Tudor who finished 4th and Eli who finished 7th. Nice ride guys !

Now I just want some days off, to fight off the cold and start again the training for the rest of the season. This was only a race, even if it was an important one, and I have to look forward the next races.

Thanks again to to Maros Sport for all the support but also to the other sponsors and partners:Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear,Sapim,Thule,Grip Grab, Rest Wise, VDO, KMC Chains, Power Cordz, Kool Stop, Zakudoand Buff. Thanks a lot for reading and next time hope you'll read better news.

Now I will try to think at what Churchill said: A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

More photos from training and race can be found HERE


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