Saturday, April 11, 2009

Evil Eye saw the SuperNova

This week I got the pack from Adidas Eyewear, one of my new sponsors, so I was really excited and want it really much to test them a.s.a.p.

This year I will run with the Evil Eye and SuperNova. Two models really appreciated by the riders.

The Adidas Eyewear comes with a a lot of technologies to optimize your sport performance divided in 4 categories:


1. Vision Advantage (TM) PC Lens - distortion-free vision

2. Quick-Change Lens System (TM) - simple and fast lens changing
3. Ventilation System - prevents lens fogging

4. Performance Insert (TM) - the solution for correction

1. Wrap-Around View - optimum view

2. UV+Bluelight Filter - 100% UV + Bluelight protection

3. Wrap-Around Protection - scratch and impact force resistant, optimum protection

4. Grip Systems - for optimum non-slip pressure free fit


1. 2 Sizes - available in 2 different sizes

2. Double-Snap Nose Bridge (TM) - double nose height adjustment

3. TRI.FIT (TM) - 3 level height adjustement


1. SPX (TM) Material - extra light, flexible and durable

2. Quick-Release Hinge (TM) - temples release exertion of impact force

First ride with my new eyewear was with Simona, a light ride in the woods near my home. We took the camera with us to take some shots also. After a few kilometers my impression was like in the first seconds: WOW.

They fit me really good and the distortion-free makes them not to feel differences or to get your eyes tired.

Of course that I need a few more days to see how they are, to test them in different moments of the day, different atmospheric conditions, but I think that they will perform just great.

I am also happy that Simona got out with me and enjoyed the ride, especially the descends

We had a great day and a great ride and I hope that this will repeat from now on.

I will keep you updated with reviews on the products that I have, photos and I hope short movies.

By the way, you can see the whole gallery of photo right HERE

Take care of you and wish you great rides and all the best


P.S. If you would like and Adidas Eyewear catalog please cont@ct me.

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