Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ashima AiRotor direction

A few of you asked me about the rotation of the Ashima AiRotor. It was something like: haven't they done a mistake?

The answer is NO and here it is explained:

It’s all about how “struts” perform under compression/tension loading. In short they perform significantly better under tension as in compression they’re subject to bending. So ideally for light weight rotors you need to ensure the arms are in tension under the braking load the only way to achieve this is to reverse the direction. Below you can see the graphical explication.

Also Ashima is preparing you a few surprises, so if you are a weightweennie stay tuned, no matter you like the disc brakes or v-brakes.

If you have other questions about the products that I use, don't hesitate to ask me.


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  1. Excuse me, but this is NO explanation, for God's sake. My logics can seize no arguments here... But still....why do the 160mm discs have the arrow in one direction and the 180mm discs in the opposite? Is the 180 more flexible like this? And the small one has more rigidity? The arms of the middle part are longer for the 180, and therefore just might bend easier, than the 160, but this way, they seem to have more flexibility, in my opinion.

  2. all ashima rotors have the same direction

  3. Hello, ive bought 2 ashima rotors 160 and 140mm.
    but the 140 is in the right direction and the 160 in the opposite direction. is this a faillure? or maybe a wrong painting progress?
    thanks, already.

  4. Hi, Vlad
    What about power that offers AiRotors?

  5. With Magura Marta, Avid Juicy Ultimate and Shimano XTR, that I've tried, they have a better power and modulation than the original rotors :)