Monday, May 9, 2011

2 races in 1 weekend

From the 28th of April until the 1st of May I had a rough weekend. For me was the first weekend with two races in two consecutive days. I had to thing to a new strategy.
Saturday was the first race, the Romanian Cup XCO, organised by the Romanian Cycling Federation.

It was the same, classic course, but with some nice modifications like: new climbs, new descends, some nice jumps and slopes. The course was really really dry and my mistake was not to put with me the Conti Race King tires, that are a bit faster than the X-King. But I didn't regret at all because they've done a really nice job, having a lot of grip with them.

I love that course, but only when is dry. I had a better race than the last one feeling much better. We didn't had the same competitors but was hard. Finally I was 6th at Men Elite and 7th overall.

The next day was the Gepida MTB Marathon. I've raced the short distance as I was tired from the previous day. I had a nice race, was still sunny and dry. The broken tree branches put me in a difficult situation because they could affect the bike integrity. I've lost with another 2 riders for a few km but finally we've ended at the finishline, sprinting for the 1st place. I've finished 1st at my age category and 2nd overall.

Again I am happy for my run and for feeling better and better every day.

I hope to get in a better shape and that the training will have effect.

You can find more photo right HERE

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