Monday, October 12, 2009

Neuzer Bike Party - worst race ever !

You know how it's gonna be the day when you wake up. And last Saturday, when I woke up, I knew that I won't have my best day. Was 5:30A.M. I took my first breakfast and I've prepared for the race from Targu Mures - Neuzer bike party.

The car trip wasn't that fast so my second breakfast was on the way there.

We arrived pretty late ... 20 minutes before the start, so the warm-up was almost 0.

Despite all this I had a good start and managed to keep in good position for 35 km from the 50 km. After that I started to feel some stomach ache. In the last 5 km I saw that I have no water and I realized that I won't have my best race. I've finised 3rd on my age category and I guess 6th or 7th overall.

Like this wasn't enough, when we were at the award ceremony, my team mate called me, some one broke into our car (so watch out when you buy a Dacia Logan !) and took my photo case where I had an external flash, a lens for my camera, my mp3 and an amount of money. They also took my team mate laptop bag, where he had his laptop, his video camera, a compact photo camera and a mic. Total damage: aprox. 1500 euros. F**k. They didn't touch his bike, or our equipemtn or anything else. Just these two bag. I was lucky a bit that I had my camera and another lens to take some photos...

After that you can imagine what happened: cops came and told us that we were stupid that we left the thing into the car (but the goods were not visible from outside). I started to be angry... Finally some other cops came and took some photos, fingerprints, statements and so one.

Personally I am really pissed off because I worked for that goods and some stupid idiot came and took them in 1 minute. So, I've learned a few things: buy an alarm system for your car, always take your goods with you (because I don't think that they will steal your underwear), talk to the cops and explain them that they should watch out and most important thing: if someone will came and tell me that has a laptop for 150euros even if his value is 1000euros, call the cops!

I don't think that something will happen but I do think like my team mate Eli that all the thief are stupid and they will all end up in the jail. Now I have to get money to buy a new lens and a new flash. By the way, Eli posted on his web site an article. You can see there what was stolen, and the particularities, maybe someone will find them somehow: HERE IS THE ARTICLE. The article is in Romanian.

Some more photos from this race can be seen HERE

I would like to thanks again to my sponsors. Without them I couldn't be where I am now : Cannondale Bikes, Maros Sport, Ashima, Continental, Syntace, VDO, Sapim, Adidas Eyewear, Xpedo, 661, Buff, Sram, Kool Stop and DT Swiss and my new sponsor Joe's No Flats. Also I must thank to: my parents, Simona and to everyone who supports me.

Speechless for the things that can happen,

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PS Maybe now everyone will understand why Madonna was booed in Bucharest !

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