Monday, October 19, 2009

Ardealul Trophy a.k.a. Regional Champs.

Yesterday took part one of the last mountainbike races of the year (excepting the Winter Race at least). To be honest, after seeing the start of the last week, with snow, rain, low temperatures, windy conditions, I was sceptical that the race will not be canceled. But it didn't rained in the last days so Saturday, me, my team mate Eli and some other friends were on the course, cleaning and marking it. The course was modified from the last years but this helped to improve the technicity and to make it a little bit more fun for the riders and more enjoyable for the public.

Before the start I've helped with Tudor, my team mate Eli to finish marking the course but I must admit that I had time to make a good warm up. The start was really fast and from the first lap I had more than 30 second lead with Luci Logigan, the national XC Champion from the rest of riders. He is preparing for the National CX Championships so he was runnign a CX bike. He was fast on uphills and really strong but I had my advantages on downhills. After the second lap I've took my chances and push the limit. I had almost 1 minute in front of Luci but in the last lap because I was a bit tired and I've pushed the limit on a descend I've lost some seconds, thing that let Luci to catch me, finishing 10sec behing him, so I was 2nd overall. But I was 1st at U23 and Elite for the XC challenge so for me is good to win 3rd time in a row this race.
The bike was really good, riding the Scalpel makes me feel really fast. Some of the friends told me that I made a wrong choice using the Continental Race King tires, but I told them that if someone can ride this track with a Cyclocross bike I cand ride it too wit my Race Kings. Again no flats with my Joe's No flats sealant so I can say that I am happy. The only problem was that my tip toes freezed a bit in the last lap, also my fingertips. But the conditions were the same for everyone so this isn't a excuse.

The result motivates me for the Winter Race and for the upcoming season. I really wanna have a better season because it will be my first season on Elite Cat.

I would like to thanks again to my sponsors. Without them I couldn't be where I am now : Cannondale Bikes, Maros Sport, Ashima, Continental, Syntace, VDO, Sapim, Adidas Eyewear, Xpedo, Buff, Sram, Kool Stop and DT Swiss and my new sponsors Joe's No Flats, Grip Grab and KMC Chains. Also I must thank to: my parents, Simona and to everyone who supports me. I would like to thank to Attila Czirjak, Petra Penciulescu and for the photos.

More photos can be seen HERE.

Yesterday I was guest for a Sports Live show, called Eurpa Sport on Tele Europa Nova so soon I'll post the whole show. I'm glad to see that televisions are using their space not only for football.

Stay dry,

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