Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cluj Winter Race - last race of 2008

Hello again,

<- Like in 2007 the start was "Le Mans", something that riders and spectators loved :-) I come to post another article after the last race of the year: Cluj Winter Race. I must admit that is pretty hard to organize alone a race, and is harder to do it well. But I've made it. I've organize it, I race it, and I won it. I'm pretty happy with it. I managed to get at the start of the race more riders than any other cross country event of 2008 - 56 riders (ok, may not sound to much, but for a cross country race are a lot).
<- Me in the first lap

commented the race, and made it really well, the Stanciu brothers got the sound equipment, MarosSport and Sport Bike Center sponsored the race, Realitatea Tv, Pro Tv and NCN were the tv's present at the race, more news papers and sport magazines, more people than I've expected and a pretty warm day (13 degrees Celsius). Was the first time when I was riding in December only in shorts :-). An after party was set in the Ex cafffe with the help of Bogdan Cator and the day finished as it started: great.

I've decided to race because the course was so nice and Simona was also there to support me. I've stayed with my team mates all race long and in the last lap I've attacked.

I would like with this occasion to tanks to all my sponsors for helping me to get the proper race material: Cannondale, Maros Sport, Continental, Met, Selle Italia, VDO, Xpedo, Sapim, 661, Kool Stop, Syntace and Sponser. I am happy with the 2008 results, I know that in 2009 I can do better and I hope that I'll have their support the next year too. Also hope that my new sponsors (which I will present soon) to trust me that I can do better, because I am motivated to get good results, which will promote them also. I also would like to Gabee for training and preparing me for the races, to my parents for the support, to my team mates, to my friends and everyone else that supported me one way or another.

The news from Realitatea TV can be seen HERE. They got me an interview regarding the race. Please check it out.

The full gallery from the race is HERE.

Wish you the best and I'll keep you all updated.


PS: bellow are another photos from the race. Thank you Simona for them. If I'll post anything related to CWR you'll find out.

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