Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bukk Marathon

Hello all,

Even if I wanted to write the article about this race, I was too tired and a bit busy with recovering after the race from Bukk and I didn't make it 'till now.

I would like to start with the beginning. Friday we've arrived in Eger an visited a bit the city. Not too much because we all need some rest after a 7 hours in the car... Saturday got at the registration point, registered and I've prepared myself for the Hillclimb race. Last year I was on 4th position but it was on the road. This year was offroad and I was pretty happy, even if the course was not that easy due to the moving rocks and sand.

<= You can see in the wood the HillClimb course.

Anyway I was the first at the start, I don't know what to think about, because after that I was thinking about the other riders. I was confident and I tried to do a really good race. I started, continued and finished as fast as I could, trying to get the best grip possible.

Finally I've finished 2nd at 4 seconds behind the 1st place and what I can say about this is that I am pretty happy with the result.

<= Here I was trying to get the best track.

<= On the podium.

After the race I tried to recover really fast, because the next day I had the marathon. I've decided to race at the short distance to prepare myself for the next cross country races, and I had a pretty big surprise. A lot of last year riders who wet at the long distance, came this year at the short one... So I've told myself that it will be a good race.

<= Before the start.

I didn't had the best start, but I got in the first group after 300 meters, so it wasn't a big problem.

I stayed with the leading group almost 30 km, but because of the rider in front of me, who had some problems I' lost the group, and I didn't make it to get back on it even if they were 100 meters in front...

I knew the course from the last year, and I wasn't major modified. A lot of moving rocks, long steep climbs, sand (obviously dust too) and a lot of spans. I was afraid not to get another flat tire and because of that I was pretty careful, but I didn't had any problem with the flats and I had an awesome grip with my Conti Race King World Cup tires.

<= In the race.

Finally I've finished 4th, at 1 min behind the 3rd place. I am a bit frustrated because I know I was capable to finish 3rd but due to my mistakes I've missed the second podium in the weekend.

<= After the finish line.

I've learned my lesson for the next races and I hope that this episode won't repeat again.

Anyway I feel pretty strong now and I know that I capable to be better for the World Cup.

I would like to thanks to my parents and Simona for the extra motivation, to my good friend and coach Gabee Imling for getting me prepared for the races. I would like also to say a big thank you to the team sponsor Maros Tudor (from MarosSport), to the guys from Cannondale, Met, Continental, Selle Italia, Xpedo, Sapim, Syntace, VDO, Sponser and to the rest of my sponsors and collaborators for the great race material and motivation that they are offering me. I hope that I won't let them down in the future.

This week I'll start to write reviews on some of the parts from my bike, to let you know about them, to make a vision about them, to know why there are better and why should you choose them, so stay connected.

'till then I wish you the best and happy trails.


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