Friday, March 14, 2008

Trails near home and next week end race

In this post I just want it to show some photos from a recent training session on the trails near my home. The trails are located at aprox. 2 km from the place I live. The trails are about 50 km long ... because there are a lot pf paths and a lot of option from were you can choose. The levels of difficulty are from easy to medium and a not hard ... but hardcore... you can choose from difficult technical portions to hard climbs, roots, moving rocks, small drops... hard pack and loose terrain. Soon some volunteers will come with us and help ups clean the paths that we didn't ride this year and need to be cleaned, because we want that all the usual trails to be available for everyone that want to ride the bike. You will see some photos from this trails and i hope you will like them too, because there are part of my life... I grow up with them, improved my skills...

" Auf die Pl├Ątze, fertig....LOS!!!"

Next week end on 22th of March I'll go with my team in Vienna (Austria) for the first race of the year. I am really confident and I know that I can get a good result even if there are 80 racers on the starting list at the Elite Category, including a World Cup racer Michael Weiss. If you wanna see the web site of the race and also want to come just click here

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