Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Critical mass and the tour after

For the last half of year in the city I live, Cluj Napoca, every las Saturday of the month, it's organized a Critical Mass action. Racers and bikers are biking together to promote the bike.

The first two editions of this year wasn't so joyful. I mean it was cold and this last time rained... But it was not a problem because it was pretty fun for all of us. Everything was set up by Geza ( ) and the course was nice even if it was pretty muddy on a few sections that the local authorities did not finish the road. About 50 bikers of all ages got together this week end... and I hope that next time more will come.. And when I mean next time I really mean it... So you can come with us on 29th of March 2008 at 4:45 PM will be in the Skate park from Cluj and at 5:00 will start another Critical Mass action.

After tthat we've decided that Sunday to go near Cluj, at Tarnita Lake, a small tour with all of bikers, amateurs and racers. I've accepted the invitation, because I thought that it will be a good occasion to ride with my friends and talk with others about bikes, light parts, races, a bit of training.

On the way to Tarnita we saw some rare ducks (one of us told me that is a specie from Canada). The weather was perfect for biking, about 12 degrees and no wind... we got there after almost one a half hour.

From my point of view everything was very cool and it will be nice to repeat this kind of actions every month on the Sunday after the critical mass. Until that we are expecting you to ride on the trails near Cluj, some nice trails, more are discovered and cleaned by us ... if we have some free time, to make the biking easier for you.

Below you will see more photos from this tour. The photos are made by Mihai Udvar and Adi Gheorhes and I want to say thanks for them. AS for you soon I will write a new post with some photos from the trails near my home. to see the training field of the racers near here... as soon as the time will allow me....

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