Saturday, January 16, 2010

New sponsors

This year Santa came later, but he brought me 2 new sponsors: NOVATEC and ZAKUDO.

Zakudo is a bike wear manufacturer, which is looking to have all the products based on quality, comfort and modern design. They are locate in Norwich, England and they are focused on the British and European market.

Zakudo is trying to offer a real good product for a competitive price for the costumers. They are probably not such a known company but they are trying to get on the market and show everyone that not only an expensive brand can have quality products. In Romania, Zakudo is brought by All4Sports through

The brand Novatec is represented as the high end product of company Joy In
dustrial Co., LTD. Novatec was established during Year 1989 with outstanding performance and efforts in bicycle hubs and supply to well-known companies all over the world.

Every product in Novatec Brand is all made in Taiwan and through out the world. Novatec is constantly investing and researching the perfect products for the market needs and also focusing on the perfection in every detail of our products. And during 2000, 2004 and 2005, Novatec hub and carbon fiber wheel sets were awarded with SOE (the symbol of excellence honors products from Taiwan that are world-class in excellence and quality) award winning product prize.

Unlike other hub manufacturers, Novatec do not offer an “OK” quality hub to customer, but they take care of the quality as our major target and most important job through out 365 days everyday! And that is who Novatec is!

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