Friday, July 3, 2009

SRAM XX - Revealed

Another mighty WIN - here's a quick'n'dirty weight comparison of XX and XTR, as close to like-for-like as we can manage:

Rear mech181g182g
Front mech118g129g
Total2,257g2,626 (+16%)

1 Weight for GXP BB - BB30 setup is 694g

2,257g is "about 2.3kg" in anyone's book. A direct swap from XTR to XX will save 396g. If you're in a position to use the BB30 crank, knock off another 60g . That's perilously close to a full pound - impressive stuff.

A lot of the weights are pretty similar, with mostly small margins over SRAM's Shimano rival. The brakes stand out as being startlingly light compared to XTR, though. The XX brakes use a new two-piece forged magnesium caliper, a two-piece aluminium/steel rotor, a forged magnesium lever body, carbon fibre lever blade and titanium bolts throughout. They share the TaperBore technology and tool-free pad contact adjustment with Avid's Elixir brakes. Rotor options are 185 or 160mm both ends, with an extra 140mm option for the rear.

As for price, it's looking like $2,400 and upwards for a full SRAM XX setup - we'll have to wait and see for Europe prices. One thing's for sure - just as SRAM's X.0 gave Shimano a lot to think about (and resulted in the current generation of XTR), so XX will have the Big S pulling out all the stops...

Article got from BikeMagic


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