Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early spring? ..NOT !

2 weeks ago we had here in Cluj a warm and sunny week end. Nice temperatures (~12 Celsius). The snow melted down and the tracks were almost dry. So was perfect to get off road and do some training. It's good to be back on the trails and is fun.

Was a good chance to test my new Ashima AiRotors and the Ashima disc brake pads.

The rotors in 160mm are 85grams (one of the few products that the claimed weight is the true one). For such a lightweight pro
duct, it's performing better than the standard rotors and the pads are lighter also the the original ones. I can say that I have now more braking power, less grams and a bigger smile :D

So you can also try them. You won't regret. Ashima is producing the rotors in 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 203mm and a full range of pads and brake adaptors.

So I can say that I had a great week end with nice tours.

Even if did not believe the weather guys... the snow came and in a few hours everything was covered with a white cold carpet. I can say that we didn't had an early spring attempt but a late winter snow session (ok, it's not that late since it's just February). According the forecast, the cold days and the snow will continue to make me a hard winter but I don't care almost at all.

That's why I have a trainer and a lot of dvd`s with movies. The hours are passing faster and I get trained every day. I still have to learn a bit since I am in the last year at the University and I have more imporant exams.

Now I wanna wish you all happy winter and hope that you all are doing well.

If you wanna see the whole gallery for this article please click HERE

Also wanna thank you to Voicu for the "action" photos.


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