Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ashima - New disc brakes

In 2009 Ashima will launch a few new products. This will include two new brake systems

One of then will be the PCB the World 1st Piston-less. This brake will be known also as the "PanCake"

PCB: PanCake Brake Features:
  • Pad movement controlled by Diaphragm Seal
  • Seal design ensures unsurpassed pad retraction of 0.7mm!
  • Ultra-thin caliper just 25mm!

  • Simplified manufacturing processes ensures cost advantage
  • Seal design gives equivalent area to using 20mm piston
  • Fluid feed directly to centre of Diaphragm seal for better response
  • Ultra thin caliper section ensures min. weight

The other release will be the APVs (Ashima Power Valve system)

  • 4 Piston, 2 pairs of axially mounted pistons
  • Initial braking force uses 14mm pistons, for superior control
  • Higher hand loads additionally release the 22mm pistons giving maximum braking force when you need it!

  • Braking action gives excellent modulation for light hand loads
  • Max brake conditions total piston area is equivalent to 26mm pistons!
  • External fluid transfer improves heat dissipation of brake fluid preventing “pump-up”
  • Air cooled pistons
  • Unrivaled aesthetics

Also Ashima will launch the color version of AiRotor, which is the lightest stainless steel rotor on the market!

For more information stay tuned. You can also visit the Ashima web site, for more products and more details.

Keep on riding,

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