Thursday, April 3, 2008

Duke Im Park - more photos and a video

As you know from my last post my team and I participated at the Duke Im Park, the first race of the season right in Vienna...

When I posted the article I've promised you more photos. In mean time, a local television mention this on the 28th of March on their news cast. You can see us there by scrolling on the 16:55 minute. And the second movie is filmed by us, and edited by Eli, to show you the real meaning of this race.

And below are more photos from the race. The photos are made by Tudor Maros and Sportograf. I hope you like them. To see all the 34 photos from this race, please click [HERE]

I'll catch you soon,


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  1. felicitari aveti bafta in continuare...
    p.s trebuia sa taiati si voi filmuletu :D