Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maros Bike Marathon 2011

Bad luck and frustration.
This is what I can say about the last important race of the year and one of the best organised races in Romania, not only because it's a UCI race.

I planned to race the short distance again and to force again a podium finish. I started pretty slow but I was increasing the pace after the end of the first climb (around 18km from 50). I was gaining time on the descends but I was praying not to cut again the tires. After I've finished the hardest downhill without any problems I thought that this might be my day.

But this wasn't like this... I cut, like last year, my rear tire somewhere... Rock, glass or wire, I don't know but I got a 4mm cut. The sealant was pretty good because I didn't had to use the pump but I had to stop pretty often to shake the wheel and the sealant to fill it. So I've lost like this more than five minutes, but if I didn't won, it means I am not good enough, no matter the problems occurred.

I might say that I was lucky because a lot of other riders had flats even with thicker tires so I can't blame the tires. So from now on, for the rocky marathons, where I can't change the wheels like at the XCO races, I'll use only Conti ProTection tires ! For a few extra grams I can save a lot of time.

Hope that the tire cut curse is over for the next races and also for the next edition of Maros Bike Marathon, because I am planning next year to win the short distance race no matter the sacrifices !
No matter this year result, my dad was there to support me and I can say that I really appreciate it. I also would like to thanks to everyone that cheered me up during the race at the feeding zones or on the rest of the course. Also big thank you for the photos !

More photos can be seen if you CLICK HERE

Thanks again to to Maros Sport for all the support but also to the other sponsors and partners: Ashima, Continental, Cratoni, Syntace, Joe's No Flats, Xpedo, Adidas Eyewear,Sapim,Thule,Grip Grab, Rest Wise, VDO, KMC Chains, Power Cordz, Kool Stop, Zakudo and Buff.

Thanks a lot for reading and next time hope you'll read better news.


Later Edit: Eli, congratulations for the organisation of this race ! It was better than any other before and it will be worse then the following ones !